Windward Fairways

2017 | Suburban Office Park Mid-RiseProperty Management Company: America's Capital PartnersProperty Manager: Stephanie Clifford

In addition to the ENERGY STAR score of 93 for each of Windward Fairways’ buildings, this suburban office park mid-rise property demonstrates its commitment to high-performance and the environment through its investments and building programs. The parking lot’s LED retrofit resulted in average annual energy savings of 139,230 KWH and cost savings of $13,923. The use of LEDs isn’t just limited to the parking lot, common area lighting in both buildings has been upgraded to LED and lighting in all stairwells was converted to motion-sensor only to decrease energy usage. Additionally, the property’s green waste is composted and storm water runoff is directed to a retention pond that provides irrigation to the property. The property’s green policies lead to the selection of vendors and service providers who further the property’s commitment to the environment.