Shawnee Ridge M1

2005 | Industrial Office ParkProperty Management Company: IDI Services GroupProperty Manager: Phyllis Kellam and Susi Regan

Shawnee Ridge M1 won the 2005 BOMA Atlanta TOBY Award in the Industrial Office Park category. The property was managed by IDI Services Group, where Phyllis Kellam and Susi Regan were responsible for managing the property.

An excerpt from the Shawnee Ridge M1’s TOBY Award entry is below:

Shawnee Ridge Building M1 is in the heart of Shawnee Ridge industrial office park, the largest business park in metropolitan Atlanta, comprising 5.5 million square feet of industrial warehouse space. Shawnee Ridge is the business workplace for companies such as ITC Deltacom, VWR Scientific Products, and Mitsubishi. The building itself has 318,750 square feet of light-distribution, bulk-warehouse space and is occupied by McKesson Medical-Surgical and Enovation Graphics, a division of Fuji Film.

Building M1 is served by a 120-foot deep rear truck court with 39 dock-high doors and a partial-front truck court with 6 dock-high doors. The building’s aesthetic appeal combined with Shawnee Ridge’s campus-like setting provides a pleasant work environment for all office and warehouse employees. McKesson upgraded to an energy management system comparable to that of an office building.