Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center

2005 | Earth AwardProperty Management Company: General Services AdministrationProperty Manager: Al Rouse

The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center is GSA’s largest building in the Southeast Sunbelt Region with more than two million gross square-feet. The facility houses more than 5,000 employees of 61 federal agencies, a child care center, fitness center, three credit unions, three snack shops, a food court and a health unit. The facility is made up of four inter-connected buildings referred to as the 1924 Building, the Tower, the Bridge and the Midrise. Tenant commitment is the key to success in energy and water conservation and all recycling efforts. The Environmental Protection Agency, the building’s largest tenant, entered into a formal partnership with GSA and the Department of Energy to reduce energy usage at the center in order to qualify for Energy Star status. The center not only earned ENERGY STAR in 2005, but was the recipient of the 2004 Federal Energy and Water Management Award for Energy Efficiency and Program Management.