2017 | 500,000 to 1 Million Square FeetProperty Management Company: Cousins Properties IncorporatedProperty Manager: Keisha Hutchinson

Promenade is a true modern building, utilizing a cloud-based EMS system that allows staff to remotely, monitor, measure and control Promenade’s electrical load generated by its HVAC and lighting systems.  Water conservation efforts are amplified by Promenade’s array of water harvesting cisterns which capture and store up to 22,500 gallons of spring and rain water used to irrigate the garden and grounds, saving thousands annually.  To positively impact clean air initiatives, Promenade has ample bike racks and showers available for customers seeking an alternative way of commuting to work.  Several conveniently located electric vehicle charging stations and vanpool parking are just a few methods Promenade property management has implemented to increase sustainability and efficiency.  Promenade is one of only a handful of class-A office towers to install a $1.2 million Distributed Antenna System (DAS) designed to boost and amplify maximum cellular signal strength and coverage area for customer’s growing demand for mobile access.