2020 | 500,000 to 1 Million Square FeetProperty Management Company: Cousins Properties IncorporatedProperty Manager: Constance Hodges

Designed by TVS Design in 1989, Promenade stands elegantly in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown Arts District, a vibrant community connecting homes, businesses, museums, theaters, symphonies, gardens, and fine dining. Sitting 691 feet above street level, atop forty stories and 899,558 sf of Class A offices, common areas, base building, and amenities spaces, Promenade’s ziggurat-like spire illuminates the skyline with brilliant LED lanterns and shining aluminum sculptural accents. Clad in warm hues of Indian Adoni granite and a highly reflective, copper-speckled, glass curtain, Promenade’s northeast face captures Atlanta’s opulent sunrises while its southwestern face reflects rich sunsets.

Along 15th Street, Promenade’s stunning granite plaza features “Stealth,” an award-winning, thirty-foot tall sculptural interpretation of an origami lotus blossom. A gorgeous Japanese maple tree juxtaposes the smooth lines of Stealth and the ziggurat-like arches that echo throughout Promenade’s colonnade.

Reminiscent of a natural woodland, forty-year-old oak trees line the street adjacent to Promenade’s 2,054 car parking garage. From the garage, the lush garden entrance, a landmark green roof, sits uniquely among skyscrapers, creating a secluded urban oasis. Here guests socialize on teak benches and daydream under Savannah hollies. “Olympia,” a vibrant, 30-foot tall, polychromatic sculpture stands nestled between twin rotating doors. Year-round flowers and ornately manicured grasses create sweeping patterns visible to tenants in the floors above. In the fall, pathways accessing public transit are engulfed by maple trees ablaze in tangerine. Throughout the gardens, outdoor ambiance crescendos with graceful music provided by virtual surround sound.

Upon entering the two-story lobby, guests are surrounded by artwork, marble and granite accents, custom wood inlays, custom LED accents, and inviting leather chairs with live-edge oak tables. The palace-sized grand staircase connects the colonnade and garden entrances. Mimicking running water reflecting light from the two-story windows, the waterfall-like carpet streams down the staircase and draws viewers into two woodland paintings commissioned just for Promenade’s lobby. Tenants and guests enjoy the sun-lit lobby and modern amenities areas, where work and enjoyment go hand-in-hand. A perfect marriage of art and environment, Promenade embraces the Midtown community and beckons guests to relax and enjoy a beautiful corporate lifestyle.