2018 | 500,000 to 1 Million Square FeetProperty Management Company: Cushman & Wakefield, USProperty Manager: Cary Horvath

271 17th Street partnered with their tenant, Teknion, to activate the lobby space into an area where tenants and guests can relax, have an impromptu meeting and/or a cup of coffee in multiple locations throughout the lobby. 271 17th Street previously did not allow food, drink or congregating in the lobby area and had only four seats. This was a significant shift in culture and use of space that had been embraced by tenants.

The management implemented a “Daily Line Up’ in the main lobby that includes all facets of onsite team members; management, engineering, security and janitorial. Team building exercises occur daily in the building lobby that includes tenant interaction and visibility. This practice dramatically increased team member morale and collaboration leading to better overall tenant experience and engagement.

When scheduled leasing tours use Valet, the prospect is ‘surprised and delighted’ with 271 branded items already placed in their car upon the conclusion of their tour.

Management and engineering at 271 17th Street have taken an extremely proactive and responsive approach to work orders; calling tenants in advance of weekends and/or evenings to confirm any afterhours needs. Additionally, all work orders receive a follow-up call from the management team to confirm the work was completed as desired.

271 17th Street currently has an ENERGY STAR Score of 87. Additionally, the building completed a LED lighting retrofit project in the main lobby leading to significant additional energy savings.

271 17th Street has approved and is in the process of converting the building access control system to a platform called, Sequr, which will allow for tenants and building management to access areas using a mobile device versus a key fob or card. Existing infrastructure is used while modernizing access points and allows their tenants easier access through devices already in daily use.