C.F. Palmer

1923 - 1924 | BOMA Southern Region Presidents

Charles Forrest Palmer was an Atlanta real estate developer who was considered an expert on public housing and organized the construction of Techwood Homes, the first public housing project in the United States. Palmer began his real estate and housing career by establishing the C.F. Palmer Company, a realty firm, in Santa Barbara, Calif. He met Judge John S. Candler, brother to Coca-Cola owner Asa Griggs Candler, who in 1920 persuaded Palmer to move to Atlanta to explore the commercial investment opportunities there. Palmer opened a real estate firm in Atlanta, Palmer. Inc., specializing in downtown office properties. Palmer also served as president of the National Association of Building Owners and Managers (that would one day become BOMA International), shuttling back and forth between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. During his career, Palmer led both the Atlanta Housing Authority and the Chamber of Commerce. Palmer is also the author of his autobiographical book, Adventures of a Slum Fighter.