Roni Page-Dowdy

2018 | Allied Member of the YearCompany: Waste Pro/Atlanta

“The 2018 Allied Member of the Year, Roni Page-Dowdy, has contributed to BOMA Georgia in several ways during her time as a member of the association. She has served as a member of the Community Service Committee for several years and has developed a personal connection to BOMA Georgia’s partner service organization, Hillside. She has made a consistent effort to be involved with Hillside, both as part of BOMA and outside of it. One member who nominated Roni for this award noted that she is a problem solver. Another member noted that she provides tremendous service and works tirelessly for all of her customers. And yet a third individual called her a ‘trusted resource,’ adding that ‘not only does she provide outstanding service to her clients, but she provides outstanding support to her community.’” Adapted from the February 2019 TOBY and Association Awards Script.