Patti Brown

2011 | Pen & Quill Award (Discontinued)Company: SERVPRO of Decatur

2011 BOMA-Atlanta President Linda Beauchamp chose the individual who won the Pen and Quill Award: Patti Brown with SERVPRO of Decatur. As Linda said, “Patti is a long-time member and is known by many as one of the kindest and most passionate BOMA members. She has a reputation for being willing to help wherever needed and has probably served on every committee the association has to offer.” Patti has also served as a member of the BOMA-Atlanta Board of Directors.

In 201, Patti made a tremendous contribution to the association’s magazine, Insight: The Commercial Real Estate Journal. Over a period of six issues of the publication, Patti wrote major feature stories in four of those issues. She also contributed information and assistance to the publication of several other articles.
Linda said of Patti, “She not only was a reliable volunteer, she was also unafraid to tackle subject material that was perhaps outside of her comfort zone. Yet, her articles were always thorough, thoughtful, and informative.”