Mark Schroeder

2010 | President's AwardCompany: VeenendaalCave, Inc.

Mark Schroeder started making contributions to BOMA-Atlanta the moment he became a member, and this is one of the major reasons 2010 President Michelle Dixon chose him for the President’s Award. Aside from being an honest and friendly BOMA allied member, Schroeder served as vice chair to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) with great success. His leadership was proven through his actions as the association battled a mandated sustainability ordinance and felt the impact of changes in building codes—a subject on which Schroder is quite the expert. Schroeder has a servant’s heart with a teacher’s mentality. His willingness to speak with those who thirst for information makes him an attractive conversation partner for members who are unsure or intimidated about government advocacy. Schroeder has proven to be an appreciated supporter of the association, not only through his company’s support as an allied member company, but also through his individual contributions to the GAC and the association as a whole.