Krystle Johnson

2020 | President's AwardCompany: Emory Healthcare

Krystle Johnson, RN, MSN, CIC, an Infection Prevention Manager for Emory Ambulatory Clinics and ASC, in the Office of Quality, at Emory Healthcare, was recognized with the 2020 President’s Award from BOMA Georgia.

Krystle played an instrumental role in BOMA Georgia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: She served as the subject matter expert and facilitator for a national COVID-19 webinar provided by BOMA Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology. The webinar, which was held in early March 2020, was the first national COVID-19 webinar provided by any BOMA in the United States and attracted thousands of participants through the live session and recording.

During the webinar, Krystle helped real estate professionals better understand the virus; shared the information on the pandemic; and also helped individuals and companies better understand what they could do to stay safe. This included a discussion of building cleaning, personal protective equipment, proper hand washing, and areas of building operations that could be adapted in response to COVID-19. This webinar helped thousands of individuals through a live session and release of the recording.

Beyond the webinar, Krystle also collaborated with BOMA Georgia to produce a series of video resources on hand hygiene, mask wearing, building cleaning, and waste management. And as virus cases increased again toward the end of 2020, she worked with BOMA Georgia to produce another series of educational videos on protocols to protect tenants and building visitors, as well as a video on personal health and safety. Finally, Krystle worked with BOMA Georgia to provide resources to the real estate industry to help individuals better understand COVID-19 symptoms and navigate through the annual flu season during a pandemic.

“We are extremely grateful to Krystle for her volunteer service to BOMA Georgia,” said Russell Copeland, 2020 BOMA Georgia President. “Even as her work at Emory Healthcare increased significantly due to the pandemic, she always made time to help BOMA and the real estate industry. Her thought leadership, and the webinar and video resources she produced in collaboration with BOMA helped thousands of people throughout the nation to personally stay safe through the pandemic, and to equip the buildings they own, manage, and operate to ensure the safety of their tenants and guests as well. Her leadership literally saved lives and strengthened our industry’s response to the pandemic at the same time.”