Joel Harrison, SMT

2013 | Engineer of the Year AwardCompany: CBRE

Joel Harrison, with CBRE, was recognized with BOMA Georgia’s 2013 Engineer of the Year Award. One member who nominated Joel for the award stated he is always upbeat and ready to assist BOMA when needed. Another member referenced how Joel’s efforts have been instrumental in growing BOMA Technical Organization (BTO) membership in BOMA Georgia and keeping building engineers excited about becoming involved the BTO Council. Furthermore, they said, “Joel supports education for his team of engineers and is always looking for better ways to make his building run more efficiently.”

Joel’s supervisor noted that he was instrumental in steering and guiding the BTO and making changes to improve education and networking opportunities for building engineers.

Joel has been described as the “engineer’s engineer” who has a passion for his craft. That enthusiasm translated into record attendance at 2013 BTO luncheons.