Heather O’Toole

2011 | Manager of the YearCompany: PM Realty Group

PM Realty Group’s Heather O’Toole has been an active member of BOMA-Atlanta for many years and has built a reputation for excellence and thoughtfulness as a leader. As one allied member noted, “She is quick to acknowledge a job well done and she shows her appreciation often, further nurturing growth in her vendor relationships as well as empowering individuals to go that extra mile.” Another member said, “She invests in the people that make a difference in her ability to effectively manage. From a vendor’s perspective, she is a classic relationship-oriented business person.” Yet another commented saying, “When working with her, one undoubtedly knows that she sees the vendor/client relationship as a two-way street, with give and take necessary from both sides. Yet, she never loses sight of her responsibility to the project.”