Dara Nicholson

2020 | Huey AwardCompany: Jamestown

Dara J. Nicholson, Director of Property Management for Jamestown, was recognized with the 2020 Huey Award, BOMA Georgia’s highest honor.

A BOMA member since 1980, Dara served at all levels of the BOMA federation. In addition to leading and serving as a member of many local committees, she served as president of BOMA-Atlanta in 1989, the second woman to serve as BOMA-Atlanta president.

She also served as vice president of the BOMA Southern Region Board of Directors and as vice chair of BOMA International’s Local Association and Membership Development Committee. Additionally, she served as a member of several other BOMA International committees, including the Regional Owners Council, Retail Virtual, and Mixed-Use Network.

Dara was also a strong advocate for the TOBY Awards program, serving as a member of TOBY judging and TOBY recruitment committees. Throughout her career, properties managed by Dara and the teams she led won 77 TOBY Awards in local, regional, and international competition. She also led property teams to earn 15 LEED certifications, numerous ENERGY STAR awards, and the 2011 NAREIT Leader in the Light Innovator Award.

Outside of BOMA, throughout her career at Portman Properties, Cousins, and Jamestown, she was responsible for the day-to-day operations of more than 40 million square feet of real estate with a value of more than $20 billion, and at Jamestown, she was responsible for an international real estate portfolio.