Cynthia Mills, FASAE, CAE, CMC, CPC, CCRC

2019 | Foundation Philanthropic Leadership AwardCompany: The Leaders' Haven

“Cynthia Mills has not only been a foundation donor but also had made a contribution to nearly every silent auction hosted by the foundation. She also donated her services to facilitate educational programs at both the 2017 and 2019 BOMA Southern Region Conference, ensuring that participants had a high-quality educational experience with actionable results to implement in their companies. Finally, she also facilitates one of BOMA Georgia’s flagship programs, the CRE Leadership Masters Program, which is supported by foundation scholarships. Cynthia is a dynamic and caring leader and a friend of BOMA.” Adapted from the February 2020 TOBY and Association Awards Script.

“Cynthia is a dynamic leader who has had a profoundly positive effect on BOMA Georgia in so many ways. From facilitating our annual strategic planning retreat to leading the association’s biannual leadership program, and her strong support of the BOMA Georgia Foundation, she has made a significant and lasting impact on many people and organizations,” said Gabriel Eckert, FASAE, CAE, BOMA Georgia Chief Executive Officer.

“Walking beside others is one of the greatest privileges people can give you, as you receive their invitation to accompany them on their journey, and their trust that you will have their best interests at heart,” said Cynthia Mills. “To each person, company, and organization that has extended that privilege to The Leaders’ Haven™, please receive our sincere thanks. To those who issue an invitation in the future, we look forward to partnering with you.”

Cynthia Mills is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Leaders’ Haven™, a consultancy serving clients as business strategist, board consultant, business and executive coach, succession planning and change management guide, leadership development catalyst, speaker, and facilitator for small privately held and family-owned businesses, corporations, associations, not-for-profits, non-governmental organizations, and faith-based communities.

Cynthia founded The Leaders’ Haven to help leaders and teams go beyond business as usual and continuously transform, so they can fulfill their true calling and exceed the expectations of the people they serve. The Leaders’ Haven’s™ clients are leaders in the business, industry, finance, service, co-op, education, certification, philanthropy, energy, marketing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal, marketing, environmental, real estate, facility management, retail, agriculture, veterinary, senior living, publishing, media, engineering, transportation, construction, safety, club manager, entertainment, hospitality, restaurant, philanthropy, fraternity, and faith sectors. An award-winning national and international CEO, Cynthia partners with future seekers, change masters, high performers, corporate culture architects, committed & developing leaders, best practice designers, and believers in succession planning to align for impact and exceed expectations.