Chris Lelle

2021 | Engineer of the YearCompany: Lincoln Property Company

Chris Lelle, C.E.M., Portfolio Chief Engineer at Lincoln Property Company (LPC), received the 2021 BOMA Georgia Engineer of the Year Award. The award was created to recognize a building engineer who has provided innovative ideas to their building or facility in saving energy, time and/or money. Award nominees were evaluated on job performance, ethics, credibility, professionalism, community service, team building, industry training, and support of BOMA.

One of Chris’ colleagues said, “He is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate individual. One of the programs he implemented reduced HVAC tenant comfort complaints by 64 percent across four properties, and the program saw an average electric savings of more than $0.12 per square foot. He also implemented programs that reduced water use by 65 percent at two properties and saw average water savings of more than $0.05 per square foot across four properties.”

Another colleague said, “His participation in Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives extends to every property in the company’s portfolio, and he is constantly coming up with new methods for tracking equipment usage and savings and sharing that information with others. He regularly seeks new ways to train and engage his team, and he even set up the engineer training program at Lincoln Property Company.”

An individual who nominated Chris for the award wrote in their nomination of him, “He is one of the most impressive, enthusiastic, and intelligent engineers I have ever known.”

Chris joined BOMA Georgia in 2017 and has been an active member of the BOMA Technical Organization, Government Affairs Committee, Industry Insight Committee, and TOBY Judging Committee.

He has also represented BOMA Georgia as a member of the State of Georgia’s Elevator Advisory Board for several years. The board was created to advance the safety of the citizens of Georgia in all areas as it relates to the general the use of elevators, escalators, moving walks and other elevator related equipment regulated by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated and the Georgia Rules and Regulations; to vote on all variance requests; and to make recommendations to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

At the time of winning this award, Chris was responsible for more than 2.5 million square feet, across a 35-building portfolio, for LPC. He also led the implementation of artificial intelligence analytics software for multiple building systems including the building automation system, irrigation system, and elevator monitoring. Chris joined the LPC staff in March 2019.

Prior to joining LPC, Chris served as General Engineering Manager for Hines in Atlanta from December 2006 to March 2019. He also served as Lead Engineering Laboratory Technician for the U.S. Navy from January 2000 through October 2006.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Southern Polytechnic State University in 2013. He also earned the Certified Energy Manager credential from the Association of Energy Engineers.