Brett Rockman

2011 | Young Professional AwardCompany: National Parking

In his award year, Brett Rockman proved he had a track record of displaying a strong commitment to BOMA-Atlanta throughout his membership. Having served on the Community Service Committee; Professional Development Committee; and as a TOBY judge for several years, Rockman gave his time and talent to the association to build relationships and make BOMA stronger. If there was an award for highest attendance at meetings of the Young Professionals shared interest group, he would definitely be in contention. Not only did Rockman frequent the YP SIG events, but he also assisted in determining topics for meetings during his service on the Professional Development Committee. A fellow member said, “His outlook is always positive, he is fearless when it comes to taking on new challenges, and he does a terrific job engaging new members.” Rockman’s supervisor even noted, “I have learned the secret to his success is actually simple. He cares about the people he represents; he takes time to learn their needs; and he delivers service beyond what he promises.”