Bo Reddic

2020 | Foundation Philanthropic Leadership Award

Bo Reddic was recognized with the 2020 BOMA Georgia Foundation Philanthropic Leadership Award. He has had a sustained commitment to the foundation since it was created. Bo has promoted the foundation’s research projects throughout the nation, inspiring his colleagues to utilize resources produced by the BOMA Georgia Foundation. He has consistently made personal donations to the foundation to the highest degree, which is at the Post-Doctorate Level. And he has served as a member of the foundation’s board, including a term as chair of the BOMA Georgia Foundation Board of Trustees.

As Melody Frcek, the 2021 Foundation Chair said, “His passion for the BOMA Georgia Foundation’s mission is very evident in his drive to develop and share foundation research with others in the real estate industry. And his personal commitment to the foundation as a donor, advocate, and servant leader has made a significant and lasting impact not only on the foundation, but also on many real estate professionals and companies.”