Best Practices Award (Discontinued)

2006 | BOMA International

BOMA-Atlanta was recognized through BOMA International’s Best Practices Awards Program in 2006 with a first-place award in the Media Relations category. The Best Practices Awards recognized outstanding communications, membership, and advocacy efforts among BOMA local associations. Below are excerpts from the awards application:

In 2004, BOMA-Atlanta had no media coverage. As a result, the association developed and implemented a media relations plan in 2005 that generated 42 articles, news briefs, and calendar listings in 6 different trade and business publications.

To generate media coverage, a new media relations strategy was developed. Six key business and trade publications were identified in which the association would like to be promoted. Individual lunch meetings were set up with the appropriate editors and reporters at the various publications. These informal lunch meetings helped to form a new foundation of open communication between our association and the media representatives. Afterwards, news story ideas, calendar of events submissions, and news releases were distributed to each of the publications on a regular basis.

The results of the media relations strategy far exceeded expectations, as BOMA-Atlanta went from zero news coverage in 2004 to 42 articles, news briefs, and calendar listings in 2005. Substantial coverage was generated in three top-target publications: the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Spaces Atlanta, and Dorey’s Atlanta Property Management Directory. Coverage was also achieved in three additional publications: Equal Business Construction News, Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors Local Scene E-Newsletter, and Construction World News.

Below are a few of the media relations accomplishments in 2005:

  • Two-and-a-half page spread with pictures covering the TOBY awards in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The spread also included a lead-in from page 1 of the Commercial Real Estate Section.
  • Full-page article on the inside cover of Dorey’s Atlanta Property Management Directory promoting 5 ways BOMA returns value to property owners.
  • The editor of Equal Business Construction news attended BOMA-Atlanta’s Property Management 101 Course, took pictures, interviewed members, and published an article on the program.
  • Established an ongoing listing in Construction World News identifying BOMA as a professional resource for commercial real estate industry professionals.
  • Free third-page color ad was donated by Equal Business Construction News promoting BOMA-Atlanta’s annual trade show.
  • Color photographs and coverage of BOMA events in Spaces Atlanta.
  • Front page article with a color photograph of our trade show in Equal Business Construction News.
  • Half-page article on the importance of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The increased media coverage had a significant affect on BOMA-Atlanta membership, as well. Members were able to see the value of their membership to industry advocacy and professional development promoted through a non-biased third party. This increased the perceived value of BOMA’s programs and services. The coverage generated also increased awareness the association to prospective members and to building owners.

While staff developed direct contacts with several media representatives, members were also instrumental in generating the high level of coverage we achieved. Members served as the point of contact for several interviews and also submitted news ideas to staff for distribution to the media.